You are not made to be tame, you are an earthquake shaking loose, everything that is not soul. shake, woman, shake.


Meet Amanda…

She resides in Toronto, Canada with her adorable 3-year old Yorkie pup named Brie. Amanda is a firm believer that every woman is capable of releasing fear based thinking—and to step into a more powerful way of living their dream life.

Having 20 years of experience in the healing and spiritual industry—Amanda is an expert on radical self-love and feminine spirituality. She is certified in reiki, yoga, and Thai yoga massage. She found herself drawn to Canada due to her training as a spiritual psychotherapist—where she has a full coaching practice.

She has been published in Eligible Magazine and is the author of  “7 Steps to Surviving this Moment.”

There is a cosmic shift happening on the planet and women are tired of playing is small. Doing this disservice to yourself not only keeps you from manifesting what you truly want, but it also holds you back from living your divine purpose. I’ve been there, stuck, held back, and yearning to break-free and frankly being in that vibration. 


When we work together you can expect:


A solid understanding of what feminine energy is and how to your advantage


Develop a physical and energetic presence to attract what you want personally and professionally


To absolutely feel more comfortable with your sensuality
 and senses


To experience more passion in your life and particularly in your love life


To be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others and yourself


To learn how to be in flow with the natural order of things and divine timing 


To gain clarity about your life purpose and the gifts you have to offer the world


To establish or learn how to strengthen your intuitive guidance

 You may not feel this yet but I love you.

You found your way to my page by chance and I honour and recognize your commitment to yourself—to discovering love, peace and joy. I’m here as your guide to help you surrender and settle into your softness and your immeasurable strength. You’re supported and I will hold space for you as we work together to discover your journey towards your dream life.  

I’ve been where you are right now. Here. In this moment, seeking to heal your disconnect to your body and childhood trauma. I am here to guide you through your deepest and darkest emotions. Get ready to release feelings of being lost, feelings of shame, constant anger, letting go of your fears and holding back your power.

I am going to teach you how to empower yourself by changing your internal dialogue and tapping + harnessing your feminine power.

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