Women’s Circles

For thousands of years, in tribes and villages around the world women have come together in circles to share, to teach, to listen, to learn. The pulse of these women still beat within us. Their wisdom flows through time, whispering to us the song of female connection and beauty. We only need to stop long enough and put our ear to our heart to listen to the call  (The Warrior Goddess Training book)

Women today are having an enormous discussion about who they are, what it means to be empowered and to live a life of joy and passion. Herein lays a space where you can feel safe exploring all that it means to be a woman.  Consider this your sanctuary—a sisterhood of support to guide you wherever you are on your unique journey to wholeness.  It is a place to celebrate, to heal, to share and to empower one another.

All events, workshops and outings are located in the Greater Toronto Area and are designed and promoted with the intention of bringing women together to learn and grow.  As your group facilitator, teacher and coach, I am open to ideas on discussion topics, group activities and event collaborations. 

Confidentiality will be practiced with utmost importance in order to create a sacred and safe container. Members can feel at home knowing their thoughts, feelings and secrets are kept in trust and held with sensitivity.  

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