Client Love + Praise

“Working with Amanda is a complete joy! Her counsel is heartfelt, inviting, and very nurturing. Before working with Amanda, I was the dried-out, work-obsessed intellectual. I lived in my head and felt completely severed from the neck-down. I over-intellectualized emotionally-charged situations to avoid being present, I was completely controlled by my phobias and fears, and I felt uncomfortable expressing myself to others. Amanda invited me to visit my sensations, feelings, and desires. Each session was experiential and focused on harnessing the over-stimulating energy in my head to my body. She showed me simple and effective exercise techniques that allow me to be aware of the sensations, feelings, and messages in my body. She taught me how to develop the inner-ear, the intuitive wisdom of the divine feminine, and how to trust and embrace it. I am able to ease my mind-babble, step into my power as a woman knowing that I am safe and secure within my own space, and practice expressing”  Stefanie T


Amanda has been my mentor for several months now. Last summer, I was at a point in my life where I needed to find some quality ‘me’-time therapy. I needed healing as a woman. Every part of me needed attention. My sense of entitlement, my identity, my confidence, my anger, my fears, my pleasures, my losses, my body, my heart. Me and only me. She has patiently listened over months of working together, while giving me insights into the special strengths that I have as a woman. I feel safe when I work with her and she’s helped me move through this rut in my life and helped me find a sense of calmness and control.

CHRIS CFeminine Embodiment Coaching

“I sought out Amanda because I found myself unable to express my wants and desires during the early stages of a new relationship because I didn’t want to jeopardize it.  It wasn’t the first time I felt this way in the early stages so I thought there might be something happening beneath the (my) layers, around my worth, and value when it comes to well, sex!  Thinking about it was just making me feel worse, and creating a problem in an area that I could possibly handle with more confidence.  Amanda helped isolate the ‘story’ or my beliefs in this realm so that I could speak up without fearing a rejection. I really couldn’t see exactly where/how I was stuck before we worked together, and she helped me release some of that so that I could express myself without fear.”

GILLIAN S.Feminine Embodiment Coaching

I have never felt more at ease with my feminine side and no longer feel the need to entertain crap in any areas of my life. Anytime I feel off my game, I go into my womb space and connect and there I am totally empowered, reassured and at times even rejuvenated. I am more sure of myself and feel strong enough to explore my emotions even the negative ones so that I may move forward in my life.I no longer suppress anything.I feel fully and release if it no longer serves me. I LIVE and am no merely exist.I feel totally confident in my glorious, succulent womanhood! This is reflected back to me in the relationships I have with my male friends who appreciate me so much more now. Thank you Amanda!” 

SHINA, Art of Feminine Presence 5-Week Course

“Thanks for allowing me to be so raw and vulnerable with you today, Amanda. I truly felt seen and heard. You have a gift for holding space and I’m grateful to you for holding it for me today. I struggle with trusting people and sometimes project (as I admitted) and it’s lovely when I meet someone who will be still with me through that and not try to fix me. <3″ 


“Amanda, this work is more profound than anything I have ever done in the past. I feel that I am making strides in my development in ways I would never have dreamed and most of all I am so fulfilled by this practice you have shared with us. I feel confident with it and secure in knowing that I have access to a strength and power within and that everyday it brings me closer to living in alignment with my eternal essence”.

JANELLE, Art of Feminine Presence 5-Week Course

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