Okay girls let’s talk sex for a second. We all know what the elusive G-Spot is right? Well there is a new spot in town – one that you are guaranteed to find – called the E-Spot. The E-Spot stands for Feminine Essence. Unlike the G-Spot it cannot be seen or felt physically; it can only be felt energetically. The E-spot is who you are at your core. This essence exists in every woman and when activated feels ecstatic, empowering, sensually alive and vibrant.

Why on earth would we need to activate our feminine essence? Well, for starters, the world has been run mainly on masculine-based power. In order for women to compete in a patriarchal society, we have adopted a very masculine way of operating in the world in order to make things happen. While this has afforded us independence and equality we have become severed from our feminine nature. With our endless to-do lists and forcing to make things happen, we have become dried up, burnt out and, dare I say, hard.

Women are tired of analyzing and struggling to make things happen. We want to feel our softness, tenderness and authentic power.

When I think about how many women are disconnected from their feminine essence, it saddens me. Not because they choose to but because they simply don’t know it exists. Healthy feminine ways have not been modeled for us. We have judgments and cultural conditioning around what it means to be feminine.

It’s time to reclaim your feminine power and reconnect with this vital source.

One of the first steps to activating your feminine essence is turning your attention to your body. Coming ‘home’ to your body grounds you to the present moment. It gives you access to a wellspring of feelings and sensations that make you come alive. Living in your head, analyzing relationships and trying to figure everything out is exhausting, right? When you come home to your body, life becomes easier; you become more in tune with yourself and the world around you.

Let’s give this a try shall we?

Give yourself a moment to draw the eyes closed and begin taking slow easy breaths. As you continue breathing, drop all your attention down into your hips, legs and feet. Allow the energy to fill these areas, ground you and bring you home to your body. Feel the mix of both heaviness and lightness within your being. Keep your attention on this area of the body and after a few minutes of deep breathing come back to everyday awareness.

Notice how you feel? Do you feel more alert, grounded and calm? Feel free to go through these steps again. This exercise can be done in a quiet space of your own home or on a park bench on your lunch break.

One of the many benefits I find in helping women come home to their bodies is that they can reclaim a sense of juiciness in all areas of their life. Whether it’s career, relationships, self-esteem or loving the body they have, it is a homecoming of sorts and one that every woman deserves to experience. Spend some time each day practicing bringing awareness to your body. Your feminine self will thank you.

Your feminine essence is an access point to the wonderful world of being a woman. Get to know it, relish it and enjoying the journey of coming home to yourself.

Love and pleasure,

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