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Reclaim your Feminine Magic


This is a 3-part foundational course designed to give you a basic understanding of how to access your power as a woman.  It covers a lot of areas from tapping into your confidence to shedding any toxic traits, shame or qualities linked to your sexuality. It’s designed to help you connect with the world around you! 

what the course can do for you….

an unorthodox journey to finding your power as a woman! here is what you will get when you go through this course!

Reconnect you to your feminine power so you can feel empowered and confident in your life

Enable you to be seen in the world and increase your radiance, vocal power and self-esteem

Help you connect to your intuition so you can make decisions from a place of certainty and Higher Truth


Connect you to your sensuality so you are more engaged with the world around you


Help you set clear and strong boundaries so you can have healthy harmonious relationships

Develop a greater presence so you can walk into a room and be noticed with confidence

From my Clients

Here’s what a few of my beta-testers said about this course:

“I was in a dark tunnel where there was no light at the end. This tunnel is an old friend. But a nasty, mean friend. Starting the meditations and doing the exercises really helped get perspective on my situation and helped me find my inner strength, clarity and purpose” 


“I yearn to be with women, I feel an emptiness that is filled by connecting to sisters/womanhood/my womb. Connecting to my feminine self is a way to fill this void and enables me to feel complete.”


“Before the course I was having problems with owning my presence and being confident as well as feeling sexy. I feel more connected and loving of my body than ever.” 


“Interesting enough, 1 week ago I very tentatively agreed to see a man I have known for years and had a wonderful time based on using the information I have learned from this course. It is helpful to present myself with confidence in other areas of my life as well.”


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